About Us

The Curved Dads Oldsmobile was produced from 1901 through 1907. With 19,000 sold, it was the first successful mass-produced automobile. Using interchangeable parts, it was built on an assembly line with the cars being rolled from station to station.  This replaced the craft system where a car was assemble in place by a few people.

The Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club was establish in 1977 by Gary Hoonsbeen and Norm Nielson as a way for owners, restorers and fans to share information and technical advice to restore and maintain these historic vehicles. To his end, the Club maintains an extensive library of original engineering documents and shop manuals as well as modern technical articles.

There are 250 members in 19 countries. A newsletter is published four times a year.

The Club may be contacted at CDOclub@gmail.com

For owners and admirers of Curved Dash Oldsmobiles to share information, advice and events.