The Club sponsors a meeting tent at the annual Hershey Pennsylvania AACA swap meet and show. In 2016, this meet will be held October 5 to 8. The CDO space is in the Red Field at RWK 25-29. There will be a meeting and a dinner on October 6 at 4:30 p.m.
Info Hershey Fall 2016 Meet

There are numerous tours for one and two cylinder cars of this era. Some are listed below along with a link to their website.

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
London, UK
First Sunday in November
Info London to Brighton Run

New London to Brighton Antique Car Run
Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 13, 2016
Info New London to New Brighton Run

Lansing to Dearborn Run for 1 to 2 cylinder Vehicles
Lansing, Michigan
September 8 & 9
Info Lansing to Dearborn Run

Western Gaslight 1 & 2 Cylinder Tour
Oakdale, California
May 9 to 12
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