Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club

Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club

1902 CDO # 9124 | Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club 1901 CDO #7275 | Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club 1904 CDO #25871 | Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club 1905 CDO #50107 | Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club 1904 CDO #21617 | Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club 1902 CDO #18220 | Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club CDO #6414 | Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club

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Updated 3/25/2021

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Other Updates

Gary's New Book

The Design History of the One-Cylinder Oldsmobile can be ordered from:
Nancy Hoonsbeen
3455 Florida Avenue North
Crystal, MN 55427

Checks must be written to Nancy Hoonsbeen from a U.S. bank account in U.S. dollars. If you want Nancy to ship a copy directly to you, the total cost is: U.S. delivery - $81.50; Canada delivery - $122.80; U.K. delivery - $143.30; Continental Europe delivery - $131.70; Australia and New Zealand Orders - $142.10. PayPal payments in U.S. dollars accepted: If using PayPal, please email shipping information to this email address.