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This information below is based on offers to sell published in the CDO Club Newsletter since 2009. No endorsement by the Club is implied. The contact information may no longer be valid or the parts may no longer be available. If so, please let us know and we'll update this listing.

CDO R and 6C parts

Wide Assortment of Parts
      Monroe Miller
(717) 445-0493
Click here for a 2017 Monroe Miller catalogue. Download from down arrow icon in upper right corner. Then print using "landscape", "both sides", and "flip along short side". This makes a 5 1/2 by 8 catalog.
Cylinder Heads: 1901-03 Model R CDO
      Andrew Smith
+44 1625 584 089
Steering Spring
      Witmer Coach Co.
New Holland, PA
Splitdorf Coil: R, 6C & B (exact copy)
John Regan
Piston: 1903
Tim Ohlendorf
Beecher, IL
Piston: Custom
      Egge Machine Company
11707 Slauson Ave.
Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670
Brass Tubing for Early Model R Radiator
      Shapiro Metal Supply
St. Louis, MO
      Lewis Brass
Middle Village, NY
Return Bends for the 6C and B Radiator
      Part W06053
Mueller Fittings
Coverton, TN
      Brass Works
Paso Robles, CA
Brass Spinning (for lights)
      David Kolzow
83 N 43rd Rd
Mendota, IL 61342
Splitdorf Ignition Switches
      Ludwig Goeck
Nazareth, PA
      Vintage Brass Works
600A Creamery Road
Nazareth, PA 18064-8822
"Olds Motor Works" ID Plates for lower wooden bar on back
      Vince Alteri
200 Bethany Dr.
Greensberg, PA 15601
Wooden Bodies
      Richard McGrath
Mariposa, CA
Oiler Glass
      Stemmerich Sight and Glass Industrial Oilers
4728 Gravois Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63116
Starter Chain (See Article in Technical Section)
      1" pitch by 5/16" block chain
Al Nelson
St. Louis, MO
      Rexnord Rexnod Mfr. makes a 1" block chain suitable for this application. B-503 is closest to original but has sinteredblocks which break under stress. L-503 has laminated blocks and is durable. The chain can be ordered through any large bearing house such as King Bearing, Kaman Bearing, etc. Click here for a copy of the relevant page from their catalogue.
      R M Fowler
Unit 8 the Grove
Parkgate Industrial Estate
Knutsford, Cheshire
Tel: 01565 651051
      Andrew Smith
Moss Cottage
24 Moss Road
Alderley Edge, Cheshire
+44 1625 584089
      Rexnord International Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
rexnordcs{state} []
offices are throughout the world
      Boston Gear
701 Carrier Drive
Charlotte, NC
Valve Springs
Piston Rings
Timing Gears
Water Pump: R
Block Main Drive Chain: R
Holly Carburetor
      Andrew Smith
      Modelex Crankshaft Co.
12255 Wormer
Redford, MI 48293
Crankshaft R
Connecting Rod R
      Ian Kerr
+44 78 0390 7666
Rear Spring Perches
31 Tooth later style chainring
0044(0) 1768 361185
Connecting Rods: R
      Steve Johnson
Haas Technical Center
Manufacturing Technology
North Dakota S.C.S
Wire Wheel Hubs (4)
      Dave Kolzow  
Wire Spokes
      Angle Fasco
Buchanan's Spoke & Rim Co.
805 West 8yh St.
Azusa, CA 91702
Rear Spring Perches: Mid to Late 1903
31 tooth 1 inch pitch chain wheel
Rear Axle Bearing
      44 (0) 1768 361 185
Brass Coil Springs for Hinged Doors: 1904 CDO
      Chris Figge
Westerville, Ohio
Reverse Gears in Nylon
      Alec Thompson
Brake Pedal: 1904 late
      Trygve Krogsaeter
+47 22 50 38 94
+47 957 47 072
Wheel Bearings
      Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp.
eBusiness Analyst Tim Bannock
1 Waterside Crossing
Windsor, CT 06095
Karman Part no. 96536 Journal roller Bearings
1" ID, 1 3/4 OD x 2 1/4 made by Berliss